NHL 07

NHL 07

Hockey doesn't get much better than this


  • Great, realistic gameplay action
  • Play your favorite NHL team
  • Play a team from four different European leagues
  • Expanded game modes


  • Skill Stick takes some time to learn how to use

Very good

NHL 07 is an NHL ice hockey game from EA that puts you right in the center of the action on the ice.

If you're an avid fan of NHL ice hockey, video games are an essential part of the fan focus. Who doesn't want to jump into the action and play in their favorite team in a live action and realistic match?

EA's NHL 07 lets you do that, as do all of their NHL ice hockey video games. NHL 07 represents an evolution in this series of games in that it's the first of its kind to use the Skill Stick Revolution control. This feature uses the analog sticks for stick handling, making it even easier to maneuver your player across the rink.

In addition to more advanced controls, NHL 07 lets you play as your favorite team from the NHL. You can also play a team from four different European leagues, giving you even more options for different types of game play. NHL 07 also boasts expanded game modes in this version of the game, so each game has the potential to be completely unique from the last.

NHL 07's Skill Stick feature does take some time to get the hang of for users who haven't been exposed to it before, so keep this in mind when you first start playing.

NHL 07 is really a must for any fan of NHL or ice hockey in general who wants to get into the action without actually lacing up a pair of skates.

NHL 07


NHL 07

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